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British Dressage

The Approved Official British Dressage,
Laminated  With Diagrams.

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Updated tests for 2017 are:

P17A, N37A, AM85, AM92, AM96, A105 and FEI tests PSG to GPS

Please Note:

All tests Sets/Sheets are usually dispatched same day first class, if ordered before 5pm, otherwise they are dispatched the next working day.








Andrew Weeden's well designed dressage tests with diagrams are a fast & easy way to learn from Prelim to Grand Prix. 

For me learning visual patterns helps me to recall movements more quickly.







 Readers / callers (unfamiliar with dressage arena markers) find these tests easer to follow.







They are a rip-proof, water-proof super learning tool!






Please Note:
On Intro's, Prelims & Novice Tests, Movements stating, 2-3, 2-5 and 3-7 steps in walk, have now been changed to 'one horses length'
The tests numbers are Intro A, Prelim 13,14,15 and Novice 20,25,26,27 & 38.

On Novice 39 2010, Movement 18
British Dressage has removed the just before B, the movement now reads:

R Transition to working trot
B Circle right 20 metres and allow the horse to stretch on a long rein.




Example Test Set

Example Page

Example Movement Diagram

Tests Sets



Purchase Laminated Dressage Tests
 Complete Test Sets 
Preliminary (including Intro A, B & C) 2017 www.dressage-direct.com Medium  2017 www.dressage-direct.com

Novice 2017

www.dressage-direct.com Elementary to Medium  2017 www.dressage-direct.com

Preliminary & Novice complete 2017


Advanced Medium to GPS  2017


Elementary 2017 www.dressage-direct.com Single Test Sheets Intro A to GPS  www.dressage-direct.com
 British Dressage Tests in use for 2017 
Short is 40m * 20M, Long is 60m * 20m arena.  
Introductory Level
Introductory A (2008) Short  www.dressage-direct.com  Introductory C (2016) Short
Introductory B (2009) Short www.dressage-direct.com    
Preliminary Level
P1 (2006) Short www.dressage-direct.com P14 (2006) Short  www.dressage-direct.com
P2 (2016) Short www.dressage-direct.com P15 (2008) Long www.dressage-direct.com
P7 (2002) Short www.dressage-direct.com P17A (updated for 2017) Long  www.dressage-direct.com
P12 (2005) Short www.dressage-direct.com P18 (2002) Short www.dressage-direct.com
P13 (2006) Short www.dressage-direct.com P19 (2008) Long  www.dressage-direct.com
Novice Level
N22 (2007) Long www.dressage-direct.com N34 (2009) Short www.dressage-direct.com
N23 (2012) Long www.dressage-direct.com N37A (updated for 2017) Long www.dressage-direct.com
N24 (2010) Short  www.dressage-direct.com N38 (2005) Long www.dressage-direct.com
N27 (2007) Short www.dressage-direct.com N39 (2010) Long  www.dressage-direct.com
N28 (2008) Short www.dressage-direct.com
N30 (2006) Short www.dressage-direct.com    
Elementary Level
E40 (2010) Long  www.dressage-direct.com  E49 (2009) Short www.dressage-direct.com
E42 (2008) Short www.dressage-direct.com  E50 (2007) Short www.dressage-direct.com
E43 (2006) Long www.dressage-direct.com  E53 (2007) Long  www.dressage-direct.com
E44 (2002) Short www.dressage-direct.com  E57 (2007) Long www.dressage-direct.com
E45 (2010) Long  www.dressage-direct.com  E59 (2010) Long www.dressage-direct.com
Medium Level
M61 (2002) Long www.dressage-direct.com M71 (2002) Short www.dressage-direct.com
M63 (2002) Short www.dressage-direct.com M73 (2007) Long www.dressage-direct.com
M69 (2005) Long www.dressage-direct.com M75 (2002) Long www.dressage-direct.com
     M76 (2016) Long  www.dressage-direct.com
Advanced Medium Level
AM85 (updated for 2017)  Long www.dressage-direct.com AM93 (2004) Short www.dressage-direct.com
AM90 (2012) Short www.dressage-direct.com AM94 (2002) Long www.dressage-direct.com
AM91 (2016) Long www.dressage-direct.com AM96 (updated for 2017)  Long  www.dressage-direct.com
AM92 (updated for 2017) Long www.dressage-direct.com  AM98 (2002)  Long  www.dressage-direct.com
Advanced Level
A100 (2002) Long www.dressage-direct.com A105 (updated for 2017) Long www.dressage-direct.com
A102 (2012) Long www.dressage-direct.com  
F.E.I. Tests (long arena) (new 2017 updated FEI tests )
F.E.I. PSG (updated for 2017) www.dressage-direct.com  F.E.I. Intermediate II (updated for 2017) www.dressage-direct.com
F.E.I. Intermediate A (updated for 2017) www.dressage-direct.com F.E.I. Grand Prix (updated for 2017)  www.dressage-direct.com
F.E.I. Intermediate (updated for 2017) www.dressage-direct.com  F.E.I. Grand Prix Special (updated for 2017)  www.dressage-direct.com
 F.E.I. Intermediate I (updated for 2017)  www.dressage-direct.com    


These approved official British Dressage and British Eventing, laminated dressage tests with diagrams, are the easiest way to learn and memorise your dressage tests.

They are in a clear and concise uniformed layout in black and white, (not colour). This has been proven to be the best and easiest layout to remember. 

Colour coded diagrams, actually make it more complicated and harder to learn them, they also can causes problems with people who are colour blind.

They are A4 size and laminated making then ideal for outdoor use, being wind & rain proof

With over 28,000 sets sold, they are the Uk’s number one best selling laminated dressage tests….

They are full approved and produced under licence from British Dressage.






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